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Black River Produce publishes valuable deal notifications exclusively for our customers. We offer a one-stop shopping guide across all our product categories for your foodservice establishment or retail market. Become a customer today to start taking advantage of these time-sensitive flyers!

Harvest Highlights

Harvest Highlights

Harvest Highlights is a comprehensive foodservice deal flyer that is published monthly. Keep this one-stop guide handy every time you order. Access deals across seafood, meat, dairy, floral, grocery and, of course, produce.

Harvest Highlights is also your primary source of new product announcements and critical communication like holiday hours, system updates, pre-order forms and other essential news.

View the July 2024 Harvest Highlights your one-stop source of Foodservice Deals.

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Daily Deals

Every weekday morning our buyers compile a short list of flash deals. These are our regular inventory products, not short codes, at a one-day deal price only available to Black River Produce customers.

Occasionally, we also add a Super Saver Box with short-coded product. This is a tremendous opportunity to save if you are a high-volume operation.

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