Cheese & Dairy

Black River Produce has spent decades building relationships with more than 40 New England dairies and regional artisan cheese makers. Our goal is to deliver the finest selection of local farmstead cheeses and quality regional dairy products to your restaurant or retail market. This includes:

  • Farm-fresh eggs, milk, creams and locally-crafted butters
  • Yogurts, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream.

In addition to artisan cheeses, we also offer everyday favorites that will perform well in various high-volume applications such as delis, restaurants, supermarkets, pizza establishments and caterers.

At Black River Produce, we:

  • Offer seasonal micro-batch cheeses mixed with hard-to-find imports from around the globe.
  • Use multiple sources for domestic and imported cheese to provide our customers with the best products at competitive prices.
  • Have a fervent commitment to supreme quality that extends to the careful handling, storage, and delivery of all of our dairy products.

Sure, it would be easier to work with only large dairy vendors, a pallet-at-a-time. At Black River Produce, our passion is discovering the true artisans–the ones who can’t always make a meeting, because no one would be left at the shop to make the cheese! That’s where the true treasures lie. (Even if some of those small shops have grown into highly recognizable brands.) Those are the artisan delights we bring to you.


Below is a sample of some beloved dairy brands available through our fine food distribution service.