9 New Trucks: Investing in Ways to Serve Your Restaurant Better

April was a very exciting month in the Black River
Produce transportation bay! It seemed like every
other day one of these shiny-new International Trucks
with Thermo King refrigerated boxes was delivered.
Nine new trucks in all were added to our Vermont-based, foodservice distribution network.

To ensure we have the safest and most reliable trucks
possible and to provide your restaurant with seamless deliveries,
the new trucks are part of a three-pronged, multi-year,
investment in serving you better:

2022: Completed a major renovation of our own
on-site garage to ensure our trucks are safe and to
minimize down-time due to repairs and maintenance.

2023: Invested in three new vans that give us the
agility to recover when a mistake is made or a
supplier’s shipment doesn’t make it to our docks in
time for the regular truck. These vans can also relieve
drivers who max-out on (regulatory) hour limits and
can better navigate tight mountain roads in stormy
conditions. All designed to bring you deliveries you
can rely on for your business.

2024: Invested in 9 new International Trucks with
Thermo King refrigerated boxes. This allowed us to say
goodbye to six of our old trucks that were ready to be
retired, keeping our fleet state-of-the-art.
In all, our current fleet count stands at 50 trucks and
three vans.

9 new trucks for Vermont-Based Foodservice distribution network lined up in row with black river produce logo

On any given week we run 120-150 routes plus make
more than 170 back-haul trips helping to minimize
our carbon footprint. We put tremendous value in our
relationship with each and every one of our customers
and vendors. We are very enthusiastic about these
investments designed to serve you better — all-the-while keeping our amazing team of drivers safe and
sound on the road.

If you or, someone you know would like to join the Black River Produce Team as a CDL or van driver, please see our current job openings in the transportation and warehouse departments. We’d love to hear from you.

April 2024