Champagne 101: For Better or Worse, Your Bar Sets the Stage

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the food service world, pre-meal cocktails are exactly that; your guests’ first impression of the meal experience to follow. Fair or not, boring pretzel mixes and maraschino cherries reminiscent of Shirley Temples at your aunt Betty’s 3rd wedding, set the mood for the meal you serve.

A plump juicy blackberry in a craft-whiskey Old Fashioned and locally procured maple nuts go a long way toward setting the stage for the fabulous
meal your kitchen team works so passionately to deliver. Chances are you already have fresh berries and fruits on your Black River delivery truck. To make the job of stocking the bar easier, keep this bar shopping list handy the next time you place your BRP order. Print a copy and pin it to your bulletin board. Or, ask your Black River Produce Area Manager to load it in your online order guide and you will have a hassle-free way to ensure your bar paints a flawless first impression.

Bar Shopping List

71438 Flowers Edible 100 Ct
EJ962 Olives -Spanish Queen
G4876 Toschi Cherry Amarena in Syrup
WC252 Crystalized Ginger 1/1 Lb
WC524 Nutmeg, Ground 1/1 Lb
WC598 Cinnamon, Ground 1/1 Lb
WC600 Cinnamon, Stick 1/8 Oz

Fresh Herbs
EK010 Mint-4 Oz
EK012 Dill-4 Oz
E2536 Thyme 4 Oz
30782 Rosemary 4 Oz

Fresh Fruits and Veggies
GG792 Pomegranate seeds
AW528 Blood Oranges
EH298 Starfruit Fresh 25/1 Ct
EK103 Cucumber 6/1 Ct
G1074 Lime Fresh 54 Ct
WA142 Lemon Fresh 95 Ct
EJ660 Pineapple Fresh 7/1 Ct
ET838 Blackberry Fresh 12/.5 Pt
77244 Raspberry Fresh 12/.5 Pt
G1088 Strawberry Fresh 8/1 Lb

And all of the other fruits and veggies you would expect from a company with produce in its name.

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind (nuts)
EV376 Maple Spiced Pecan 1/5 Lb
EW268 Maple Srirach Cashew 1/5 Lb
EW270 Maple Sriracha Peanut 1/5 Lb
EW272 Apple Pie Almond 1/5 Lb

Black River Nuts & Dried Fruits
WC540 Cashew Butts, Rst/salt 1/6 Lb
WC706 Peanut, Dry Rst, no salt 1/6 Lb

Bloody Mary Extras
DV856 Shrimp P&D, cooked 5/2 Lb
14698 Worcestershire sauce 3/1 Gal

Black River Meats:
WA216 Bacon Chunks 4/5 Lb Avg
WB350 Bacon Sliced 13-15 4/5 Lb

Patriot Pickle:
EJ384 Dill Pickle Spear 1/5 Gal
JT702 Garlic Dill Spear 12/32 Oz

Bar Mixers
54542 Pom Wonderful 6/16 Oz
EK752 Apple Cider 4/1 Gal

Natalie’s Orchid Island Natural Juices
NK128 Blood Orange Juice 6/16 Oz
WB404 Lemon Juice 16/32 Oz
B6958 Lime Juice 16/32 Oz
H8186 OJ Fresh Squeeze 4/128 Oz
EL864 Orange Mango P.E.T 6/32 Oz
WC912 Grapefruit Juice 6/ 64 Oz
JA306 Lemonade 6/ 64 Oz
EJ466 Straw-Lemonade 6/ 64 Oz

Ravifruit Frozen Purees
EH936 White Peach Puree 5/2.2 Lb
EH934 Strawberry Puree 5/2.2 Lb
EH630 Pomegranate Puree 5/2.2 Lb
EH932 Raspberry Puree 5/2.2 Lb
EG840 Blood Orange Puree 5/2.2 Lb

Milks and Creams
High Lawn Farms:
GJ700 Heavy Cream 25/16 Oz
GJ696 Half & Half 25/16 Oz

Cabot Creamery:
G1386 Whip Cream Real Aer.12/14 Oz

Vermont Coffee Company
EJ552 Dark Roast 2/5 Lb
EJ558 Medium Roast 2/5 Lb
EJ532 Italian Rustica 2/5 Lb

Spindrift Seltzers
EP768 Blood Orange Tang 24/12 Oz
N9486 Raspberry Lime 24/12 Oz
WC232 Grapefruit 24/12 Oz
EH618 Strawbry Lemonade 24/12 Oz
ED258 Sparkling Lemon 24/12 Oz
EJ614 Lime 24/12 Oz
EK950 Half Tea/Lemon 24/12 Oz
EK964 Cranberry Rasp. 24/12 Oz

Maple Syrups
Georgia Mountain, Vermont
M4550 Maple Syrup Dark-A 1 Gal
Sugar Bob’s, Vermont
WB813 Smoked Maple Syrup 1 Gal

Reach out to your Black River Produce Area Manager or Customer Service Representative today to help stock your bar. Cheers!

Note, for many items, various pack sizes and organic options are available. Some items are seasonal.

March 2024