Product Categories: Grab n Go

Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company

This woman-owned and family operated company produces more than 16,000 gallons of all natural citrus juices each year. Their short and simple ingredients lists are familiar words that are easy to pronounce, with no additives, preservatives, or GMOs. The Florida-based juice maker boasts having the smallest carbon footprint in the juice industry, between sourcing locally, using recyclable packaging, and repurposing citrus waste at a nearby cattle farm. While New England weather bars local citrus, we picked Natalie’s because their values and eco-focus are much like our own, and the quality of their product is unparalleled.

Don’s Prepared Foods

Every kitchen could use a helping hand here and there due to staffing shortages, unexpected party sizes, or whatever else might have come your way. Don’s Foods has been lightening the load for foodservice kitchens for over 50 years now by providing high-quality premade salads, dips, gourmet cream cheese spreads, entrées and desserts that are made fresh every day. Many of Don’s products even comply with Whole Foods’ standards for clean label products. Don says, “we’re not making anything we wouldn’t happily eat ourselves or serve to our families.”

Vermont Salumi

Nestled behind AR Market on Main Street in Barre, Vermont you’ll find the cure for the common meat: Vermont Salumi. Founder Peter Colman grew up on Vermont’s Cate Farm and spent summers in Umbria, Italy, with his father’s family. He found himself inspired to learn how to make prosciutto simply because he enjoyed it so much. He was able to learn salumi-making techniques and centuries-old traditions from Norcini, famed butchers of Umbria, and bring those skills back to Vermont.

The Bites Company

The Bites Company has reimagined the traditional biscotti cookie to make it more appetizing, and more fun to eat. Cut into rounds and baked not once, but twice! Organic. Kosher. Peanut free and preservative free. Available in 4.5 ounce bags or 1.25 ounce grab-n-go packs. The Bites Company is 100% woman owned.

Paris Gourmet International Specialty Food Importer

Sometimes you just need that one exotic, quirky little item to take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s where Paris Gourmet, importer of specialty foods, comes in. Their staff of chef technicians conduct extensive research and development of products to find the best the world has to offer. Cacao Noel and Ravifruit Purees are just a few of the premium brands available in Paris Gourmet’s line that are available on your Black River Produce delivery truck.

Patriot Pickle

“One bite and we gotcha!” say the folks at Patriot Pickle, an all-American pickle company located in Wayne, New Jersey.  Patriot has been supplying their fresh, crispy pickles for twenty years, and their signature products have even appeared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”  Patriot possesses a deep commitment to sustainability to ensure that the manufacturing at their state-of-the-art, 86,000 square foot facility is environmentally friendly.  They have a recycling program for all their containers, as well as their pickle brine, which would otherwise go to waste.  Their facility utilizes LED lights to minimize electrical use, and the equipment runs on solar panels to save energy.  

Uglies Chips

What’s wrong with ugly potatoes? Nothing! Uglies makes chips out of potatoes that may be considered too large, too small, or too blemished to be used for regular sale. Sometimes the potatoes are perfectly acceptable, but a farmer has a surplus and needs to sell their potatoes. Adopting these “ugly” potatoes to make tasty, kettle-cooked potato chips helps reduce waste and fight hunger. These Pennsylvania potato chip makers have rescued over 5 million pounds of potatoes since 2017, are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and upcycled certified, making them a perfect BRP companion.